Tsuneya Tanabe

Concertino for marimba & two percussionists


The reasons why I’m fascinated by the marimba and other percussion instrument are:

  1. -pleasant sensation of the hitting action,

  2. -attacking noise created by the mallet at the moment it strikes the instrument,

- rich vibration of resonance,

- joy of correspondence and resonance between the instruments,

- direct vibration from the player with the vigorous action of their body and spirit,

  1. -great variety of the instruments and the form of playing.

Making the most of these enchantments is my basic attitude toward composing the “Concertino”.

  1. 1.‘Dialogue’: marimba and other percussion sound independently with their own idioms.

  2. 2.‘Arietta’: a fragment of a song which I composed in teens put in as a memory of my youth.

  3. 3.‘Divertimento’: all the instruments gradually sound together and collaborate to express the one thing.

Tsuneya Tanabe

First performance:

22th November 1993 Hong Kong with Makoto Nakura: marimba

First Italian performance:

8th March 2003 Padova with Massimo Pastore: marimba