Takayoshi Yoshioka Suites per marimba (1989 - 1993)


Consists on a Suite in three parts. I tried to explore a new musical field that crossed all genres (Jazz, Rock, Classical and Contemporary music). It was written as a suite for solo marimba and it consists of several small pieces. Each one has a subtitle to suggests it own musical content.

Takayoshi Yoshioka

Suite n° 1 - (1989)

  1. 1)A Peaceful Moment

  2. 2)Whimsical Story

  3. 3)Running form a Dream

  4. 4)Fond Memories of Long Ago

  5. 5)A Summer Night’s Thrill

  6. 6)A Deep Sigh on a Rainy Day

  7. 7)To the Sky

First performance: Kobe, 21 November 1989 by Takayoshi Yoshioka

Suite n° 2 - (1991)

  1. 1)Prelude into the Dawning Day

  2. 2)The Fairies’ Mystical Rite

  3. 3)Dreams of Foreign Shores

  4. 4)View from a Lonely Room

  5. 5)Whisper of the Spring Breeze

  6. 6)A Legend Shrouded in Mystey

  7. 7)Love and

First performance: Tokyo, 17 May 1991 di Takayoshi Yoshioka

Suite n° 3 - (1993)

  1. 1)Modern Sensibility

  2. 2)An Absurd Story

  3. 3)Heavy Iron Words

  4. 4)Imaginary Space

  5. 5)Fundamental Symbolism

First performance: 13 November 1993 di Mutsumi Tsuuzaki

Suite n° 1 & 3 on CD “Alone Together” by Massimo Pastore

Suite n° 2 on CD “Keyboards & Mallets” by Art Mallets Duo