Keiko Abe The wave (2000) for marimba & percussion


I was commissioned to compose a new piece for the concert of the commemoration of 400 years of Japanese - Dutch Relations, i.e. Mr Siebold had come from Europe exceeding the wave and the exchange of culture or business with European countries started 400 years ago. The title “The Wave” was given with the meaning that Mr. Siebold crossed the sea and with a hope that the marimba would spread like a wave.

At the first part, that begins with musical energy thrown for the meaning of overcoming internal difficulties, I wished to open up new possibility of expressing an element of Asia and Japan by using Japanese drum. I think the crisp and clear shout tapping by a handle of a mallet could succeed in making a unique atmosphere with vitality.

In the middle part I wanted to express my feeling that I’m disappointed that the Earth is polluted in every mentally and materially aspects but I felt only to pray for the existence of human wisdom. These feelings are expressed by expanding slow melody over the lower sound of marimba and the transition of fantastic sound of percussion.

Before moving on the energetic last part, I had imagination of children playing innocently whom we would entrust with our future.

In the last part that begins with hands and feet sounds like imagination of children pictures, I wanted to express the joy and power for human beings to live on. I think the continuity of the three note triplet delivered the power and changed in to the powerful energy together with percussion at the climax.

Keiko Abe

First performance:

26 April 2000 (Keiko Abe and Amsterdam Percussion Group)

Recording available on CD “Alone Together” by Massimo Pastore

Live Performance: 12 May 2008